The history of Jewish people in wartime London needs recording before it is lost, according to a new online project.

It is estimated 40-50,000 British Jews served in Britain’s armed forces in the First World War, while thousands more were involved in war work and support roles near to the battlefields and on the home front.

We Were There Too is a new website where Jewish families can log their family records, including letters, photographs, medals and more, to contribute to a database on London’s Jewish history from 1914-1918.

The project seeks to compile a comprehensive bank of first-hand accounts and information before families clear out historically significant artefacts during loft clean-outs and spring cleaning.

Project director Alan Fell said: “In the aftermath of Brexit and a noticeable rise in racist incidents, there has never been a timelier moment to remind ourselves and our fellow countrymen that we were there too.

“If your ancestor fought in the war, raised a family, kept a business going, served as a nurse or factory worker, cared for a wounded son or husband, or experienced a wartime childhood, you will be able to upload their story and ensure their contribution to Britain’s war effort is not forgotten.

“Photographs, letters, diaries and even 3D scans of medals and other items can be added.

“If you don’t know much about your ancestor beyond a faded photograph, the site will provide guidance on how to research their story further.”

We Were There Too is also looking for volunteers, from research and IT to help older people upload their stories.

The project hopes Jewish schools and youth organisations will encourage children to investigate and record their own family stories, or research a Jewish soldier listed in the Book of Honour.

Teenagers will also be able to take part in project linked Duke of Edinburgh Award and Open College Network accreditation activities organised through JLGB.

Anyone interested in the project can attend a free introduction to the project at the New North London Synagogue in East End Road, Finchley, on Sunday November 13.

Starting at 2.30pm, entry is free with complimentary tea and cake.

The website is available here.