The largest bingo club in Europe is kicking off its 2017 by giving away a brand new Jaguar in its biggest-ever promotion.

Beacon Bingo, in Cricklewood, has been running a free prize draw since December which anyone can participate in.

The winning ticket will be drawn from a raffle drum at 9pm on Sunday, February 26, and the winner will become the owner of a Jaguar XE worth £27,000.

An alternative prize of £20,000 is also being offered by the 2,200-capacity bingo venue.

Steve Lightfoot, general manager of the 2,200-capacity venue, said: “We hold a Guinness World Record for the biggest jackpot win at a single bingo house.

“Now we’re going to be known as the bingo club to put one of its customers behind the wheel of a luxury Jaguar.

“This shows if you want the most exciting bingo experience in London, Beacon Bingo is the place to come.”