Police have promised action in the local community in light of figures showing Barnet accounted for one sixth of fatal shootings in London last year.

Seven total offences involving the discharge of a firearm were recorded in Barnet in 2015, which went up drastically to 32 recorded offences in 2016.

In 2015, no one was killed by firearm in Barnet but the figure rose to two total deaths in 2016, making up a significant portion of London’s total of 12 fatal crimes recorded.

The figures were revealed when the London Evening Standard made a Freedom of Information request to all the borough commanders in the Metropolitan police service.

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A total of 690 firearms offences were recorded in London last year, almost doubling 2015’s total of 384.

According to Barnet police borough commander DC Supt Simon Rose, the police are working with Barnet Council and other agencies to engage with young people.

Organisations will coordinate in an effort to encourage young people to “mate better choices in future and divert them from dangerous paths”.

He said: “I am personally very grateful and appreciate the enormous effort and coordination enabling this to happen.

“Please rest assured that this is something Barnet police and the MPS are very aware of and are working on with some considerable focus.

“For operational reasons I cannot share other details at this time.”

The 4Front Project works to engage with young people who are at risk of becoming involved in violence crime and encourage them to make different choices.

Director Temi Mwale founded the project after her friend Marvin Henry, who grew up in Grahame Park, was shot just one month before his 18th birthday in 2010.

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She said: “Figures are showing an alarming increase of violence in London with the number of incidents of gun and knife crime rising.

“This only makes the case for the necessary investment in more holistic support services for vulnerable people involved in and affected by violence more urgent.

"Barnet clearly stands out in these London-wide figures, with ongoing cuts to services, disadvantaged communities, particularly young people, have been deprived of adequate support.

“The ongoing regeneration in the borough, particularly in Colindale, will only apply a plaster to fresh wounds if we do not invest in addressing the underlying causes of violence in the area.

“Our mission to help communities to live free from violence and the threat of violence continues with urgency.”