Skill-sharing in the community has been launched on a new site by a Temple Fortune businessman.

CareToShare is a new start-up app and website which allows neighbours to share their skills with others without the need for gross disposable income.

People can post listing offering the skills or ask other users for a list of skills, before messaging to arrange a skill share, with a “near me” function meaning users can build community with those living around them and exchange their talents.

Co-Founder and CEO Nick Segrue says: “With CareToShare users are going to be able to learn the skills they have wanted to learn but previously could not afford to pay for.

He added: “We are confident users will also make new friends along the way as they build their sharing network.

“As the gap between rich and poor grows ever wider we are on a mission to help people learn new skills and have help with their tasks regardless of their economic situation.”

Mr Segrue, whose background was in financial markets, left the city smoke to pursue the business, approaching co-founder and CTO Joseph Garbett with the idea.

Mr Garbett said: “CareToShare is helping society push back against the increasing austerity and daily struggle that many people’s lives have become and we hope that by learning new skills through the site, people will be able to improve their career prospects as well as gaining more enjoyment from life.”