Marisha Ray, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Chipping Barnet, wants to maintain a population who “recognise the contributions of every member of every different kind of community.”

Ms Ray’s family moved to the borough during the Second World War, meaning she has great affection for the area.

But Ms Ray believes that, if she were to become MP, she would ensure residents get a say on the Brexit deal and that their voices are heard in Parliament.

She said: “I will be the lightning conductor.

"The lightning is there in the community, I will be its conductor into the House of Commons chamber.”

Ms Ray thinks the Government should be assuring people from EU countries that they will have the right to remain, and that people should have a say on the final Brexit deal, though she believes it is “unwise” to commit to a second referendum too soon.

Ms Ray is passionate about is being a voice for those struggling with education and NHS cuts, and strongly “opposes all cuts” including the controversial ‘dementia tax’ suggested in the Conservative manifesto.

Ms Ray is also concerned about the recent changes to libraries by Barnet Council.

Ms Ray says she will work to oppose all cuts, and that her time working “below the surface” in a number of organisations has given her understanding and experience.