The Green Party’s Adele Ward believes air pollution around schools and “wrong developments in the wrong places” are crucially important issues facing Finchley and Golders Green residents.

Having moved to the area in 1998, Ms Ward is concerned about cuts to education, and how developments are affecting air pollution levels.

Ms Ward spoke out against the “mega shopping centre” coming to Brent Cross, the P B Donoghue site in Claremont Road and the covered bus shelter in the Golders Green station regeneration as detrimental to health.

She added: “If awareness is raised, the council can be put under pressure to become more active to do the right thing.”

On the Brexit issue, Ms Ward is concerned the British people will not get a say in the final deal.

She believes it would be “undemocratic” not to move forward with a referendum to ratify the deal, saying she, as a publisher, could not expect authors to sign a contract without knowing all the clauses.

Ms Ward believes pollution will rise with a sheltered bus depot at Golders Green and that “you can’t just move a war memorial and put it somewhere else.”

On Brent Cross, Ms Ward believes a better way to serve the community is to build a smaller centre to reduce pollution and save the Whitefields estate.