Rabbis are leading a boycott on a Jewish centre for hosting LGBT events.

An open letter published by seven rabbis in Golders Green, Temple Fortune and St John's Wood calls on their congregations to distance themselves from JW3, Finchley Road, due to its holding events for LGBT Jews.

The letter cites a verse in the Torah from "Vayikroh Perek 20, Possuk 13" (Leviticus 20:13) which says that men who "lie together as with a woman" have committed an abomination.

The rabbis also say the centre has not kept up the values of Halacha, the Jewish law, or provide any seminars of teaching on religious education or the Torah.

The open letter continued: "We are of the strong opinion that a red line has been crossed in launching campaigns and initiatives that promote lifestyles and behaviours forbidden and condemned by the Torah."

Times Series: Peggy Sherwood MBEPeggy Sherwood MBE

Peggy Sherwood MBE, former president of Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group, said she and her wife were welcomed in their synagogue, Finchley Progressive, and are able to celebrate being "proud lesbian Jews" as is the case within reform and liberal progressive Jewish movements.

She said: "I think it is sad that a few rabbis think the best way of manifesting Jewish values is to promote the most intolerant manifestation of Judaism that reviles thinking and makes it impossible for their LGBT+ congregants - and they must have them - to find an inclusive space where they can be Jewish and LGBT+.

"My own thought is that it is a cause for celebration that JW3 has an inclusive vision that celebrates rather than condemns diversity within the Jewish community in Britain."

Ms Sherwood was honoured with an MBE in the Queen's birthday honours this year for her servies to the Jewish LGBT+ community for a number of years.

In March this year the centre ran GayW3, a series of events exploring LGBT issues within Judaism which included film screening and talks, and the centre will screen further LGBT+ films as part of a BFI archive programme in November.