Councillors are joining the Mayor of London to ban a terrorist organisation and the displaying of its emblem.

The motion and its amendment were passed unanimously on July 25, which will join the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in calling on the government to ban the organisation Hezbollah and the displaying of its flag and emblems.

A letter was sent from Mayor Khan to Home Secretary Amber Rudd on July 6 calling on her to "close any loophole" which would allow the emblem to be displayed and Hezbollah's activities promoted, with the London Assembly unanimously voting in favour of this.

Cllr Brian Gordon said: "As Barnet is a multi-cultural borough committed to the values of community cohesion and an abhorrence of hate crime, we as members of its Council consider we have a duty to speak out on this issue, which has caused acute anxiety to numerous Barnet residents who are rightly proud of the borough’s large and coexisting Muslim and Jewish communities.

"To ensure this harmony is not threatened, the council calls on the Home Secretary and the Mayor of London to use their respective powers and influence to proscribe Hezbollah in its entirety as a terrorist organisation, and ensure the police and other law enforcement agencies appropriately prosecute those who display Hezbollah flags and banners and use our streets to propagate racial hatred and incitement to violence."

In his letter Mayor Khan mentioned the annual "Al-Quds Day" march through London as a time where "many perceived that it [Hezbollah] was actively celebrated" and singled out Andrew Dismore AM, former Hendon MP, as someone who had "worked tirelessly" to see the ban come to pass.

Leader of Barnet Labour Cllr Barry Rawlings said: "I am pleased that the council were unanimous in supporting Mayor Sadiq Khan’s call for the banning of Hezbollah’s flag and emblems being displayed in public as it is a proscribed organisation.

"I hope the Home Secretary closes this loophole in the law."

Hezbollah is proscribed in full as a terrorist organisation in the United States, France, Israel, the Netherlands, Bahrain, Australia and the Arab League.