An emaciated dog who had to be fed in a high chair due to a rare medical condition has made a miraculous recovery.

Patch, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was given to a vet practice in Worcester severely emaciated, so RSPCA staff rescued him in December 2016 and traced his owners.

They discovered Patch had not been given the nutrition he needed while a second dog, Lulu, died of starvation and was dumped in a park in a plastic bag by her owners.

RSPCA Inspector Rachel Hayward said: "They were walking skeletons and their owners just sat there and did nothing. "They kept them locked inside their flat, hidden away from view and watched them slowly die."

Times Series: Patch weighed less than 10 kg when he came to the centrePatch weighed less than 10 kg when he came to the centre

Patch weighed less than 10kg when he first arrived with Ambleside Vets, which was around half of what he should have weighed, and veterinary staff provided round-the-clock care to get him up to 16kg so he could be moved to the RSPCA’s Southridge Animal Centre in Potters Bar, where staff fed him in an upright chair so his food could move down into his stomach.

Patch's condition, megaesophagus, means that his oesophagus does not function properly making it even harder for him to eat, which made staff worried about finding a suitable home for him.

Southridge deputy manager Mona Jorgensen said: "Patch needed a very special, patient owner who could dedicate the time and care he needed to feed him properly so he wasn’t sick."

Times Series: Lulu Jenkins and friend with PatchLulu Jenkins and friend with Patch

Patch's condition improved during his time in the centre and Ms Jenkins said he is "lives life to the full" in his new home in St Albans.

Ms Jorgensen added: "Patch is doing absolutely amazingly and his recovery is a real miracle.

"We’re so pleased he can now lead a happy and healthy life, he is a truly lucky hound."

Patch’s former owners were convicted, in absence, of two Section 4 offences under the Animal Welfare Act of causing unnecessary suffering to Patch, previously named Buster, and Lulu and are due to be sentenced next month.