Three men from the borough wowed the dragons on BBC’s hit TV show Dragon’s Den to secure funding for their business, which as been growing ever since.

Jonny Plein, Ben Corrigan, both 26, and Vikram Simha, 33, started Pouch, an online tool in your internet browser which automatically sources the best valid voucher codes and presents them at the checkout page, which they say is “to save people time and money.”

Their business means punters never have to search for voucher codes again, and means they’re full of the best tips to get the most out of online shopping.

Jonny, who is the man in charge of the money as the company’s chief financial officer, tells me his top tips for online shopping – these are to buy your larger, white goods at the end of the month, and to buy from start-ups.

He says: “The white good retailers will have monthly sales targets to hit so it is likely they will be running some sort of offer near the end of the month to try incentivise consumers to buy then.

“With start ups, most are looking for growth and that means more users.

“If you buy a product from a start up it will probably be better quality and cheaper than big retailers as the start up needs to impress you as a first time customer.”

He and Ben, from Finchley and West Hampstead respectively, met at Mill Hill School as students, while Vikram, who also lives in Finchley, came on board much later after having moved from India at age 25.

Ben is in charge of the company’s retail partners as its chief risk officer, while Vikram is the technology buff as the company’s chief technology officer.

But how did Pouch start? According to Jonny, it was born out of their frustration at being unable to find codes that worked for them.

He says: “You either had to use the voucher code sites or sign up to multiple email mailing lists that only ever gave you an introductory offer. We knew they had to be a better way for both consumers and retailers to use vouchers.

“We came with the concept for Pouch and people seemed to love it.”

So far, not only does their product impress the customers, but the threesome received all five offers from the dragons on the television show, and they chose three to become investors in their company and to “add value” to Pouch.

Jonny says: “We went on the show mainly for the personal experience but also as a genuine investment opportunity.

“We didn’t really know what to expect but the BBC were really nice to us. We think it was only the third time a company has received all five offers the show’s history so we were really pleased.”

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