A war veteran has been neglected by local authorities, one month after being admitted into hospital.

94-year-old Frances MacDonald was admitted to Barnet General Hospital on September 25 after he had a fall in his home in Warrenford Way, Borehamwood.

Since then, he has not been able to leave hospital, as he is waiting for the local authorities to provide him with a place at a nursing home, which has not yet come to fruition.

So far he has been rejected by two homes in Borehamwood as they are residential rather than nursing homes and one in Elstree without explanation.

On Monday, a representative from Radlett was meant to attend, but the hospital, but did not turn up or offer explanation, and Mr MacDonald’s family were advised that he may turn up they may turn up the day after.

His daughters have been taking it in turns to sit with him and try to fight for the care that he deserves, but they have had to travel to be with him as they live in Norfolk, Northampton and Donegal.

Daughter Lindy Jones said: “There is nothing more that we can do for him. He still has all his faculties, but you can see he has gone downhill without stimulation while waiting for help.

“It is very sad to see at the end of his life that no one can find a home for him or help him.

“He had a wonderful life, and travelled all over the world when he was in the navy, he lied about his age in the Second World War so that he could join up to serve his country.

“Staff at the hospital have been fantastic in looking after him, but there’s nothing more they can do for him, and now he is bed-blocking.

“We are lost trying to help him, and we do not know what to do. We are not getting any help from anybody.

“My sister has flown in from Ireland so we all take it turns to sit with him in hospital, but we are really upset.

“Before his fall we would come to see him every other week. To see my dad, who was a gentleman, like this is just so sad and we don’t know how long he has got left.

“It’s heart-breaking to know that we cannot get any help from anybody.”

A spokesman from Hertfordshire County Council said: “We are sorry to hear about Mr MacDonald’s situation and we are currently looking into this.”