The council have failed to provide assurance on a disabled children’s centre.

Hertfordshire County Council have still not confirmed whether they will be able to part-fund Nasscot Lawn Respite Centre, despite stating they would announce this on Monday.

At a meeting in the Stanborough Centre, St Albans Way on Tuesday, October 17, council Chief Executive John Wood and Cllr Teresa Heritage responsible for children’s services said they would tell parents by Monday.

The centre had been fully funded by Herts Valleys Clincial Commissioning Group, but as they have been tasked with finding £45 million in savings this year, they announced the decision to pull money in June.

The Group have stated that the reason for withdrawing funding is because they must use their health budget for health spending, and over-night and day care for children without high medical need is the responsibility of social services.

A panel will decide the fate of the centre on behalf of the CCG, as to whether funding should be fully cut, kept the same, offered as part of a blended solution or be fully funded by a third party.

At the recent meeting, parents have stated their preference for a blended solution, but stated that it would be impossible for a panel to decide on this as no plans have been given.

The CCG have stated that they would still provide £100,000 of the £600,000 cost of running the centre, and it was confirmed at the meeting that the overall cost would be more if Nascot Lawn were to close.

Cllr Heritage, said: “Hertfordshire County Council puts the care and safety of children and families at the centre of the services we provide and the decisions we make.

“Therefore, the key issue for both the council and the HVCCG in whatever change occurs, is that this is managed sensitively with adequate time for families to plan and prepare in order to minimise the impact for their children.

“Herts Valleys CCG are making a decision on the future of Nascot Lawn on 16 November and we need clarity on this now delayed decision to go forward.

“Our hope remains to develop an integrated overnight short breaks service in consultation with families.

“This is what we feel is the best way to meet the needs of children with complex needs and disability in Hertfordshire.”