The decision allowing a betting shop to open has been overturned.

Barnet Council planning committee's decision to allow bookmaker Paddy Power to open in Colindale Avenue, Colindale, has been overturned by the council's chief executive, John Hooton, after claims it had been "illegally" made.

The decision was widely criticised by ward councillors at residents, some of whom formed the Colindale Village Residents' Association (CVRA) to campaign against the shop opening.

At a planning committee meeting in September, it was decided to refuse the application for Paddy Power.

However, when confirming the reasons to refuse the application at another planning committee meeting in October, the group could not agree and voted against their previous ruling, meaning the bookmaker could open.

Andrew Dismore AM, formerly the MP for Hendon, said the decision should not have been allowed to pass as the committee was made up of different people at each of the meetings, meaning those in October did not hear valuable insights from the public, which were heard in September.

Paul Chu, secretary of the CVRA, said: "We are pleased to hear that John Hooton, following consultation with the monitoring officer, is directing that the decision of planning approval for Paddy Power in Colindale Avenue 'is rendered void' and that the planning application is re-run.

"The CVRA and the community of Colindale as a whole welcomes this fair decision and expects full transparency in the coming weeks with regards to this planning application.

"Our community is galvanised and united more than ever before and we will continue to protect our children and vulnerable people from unwanted betting shops in our doorstep.

"We are looking forward to listening to proposals from businesses which can bring positive vibe and the community together."

In a message from Mr Hooton, he writes that though the legality of the decision is "ultimately a matter for the court to determine" he concedes that justice may not have been done, and that the extent of the difference in membership of the committee may have led to an impact on the decision.

Barnet Council has confirmed the decision has been overturned.