A motion calling the London Mayor an "enemy of the people" has sparked reaction from cross-party politicians.

The motion, put forward by Cllr David Longstaff, was approved at Barnet Council's full council meeting on October 31.

It asked the question "Is Mayor Sadiq Khan an enemy of the people in Barnet?" due to his intervention in large-scale developments, refusal to renew Uber's licence in London and decision not to add more trains to the Northern Line.

But the Labour party sought an amendment to the language used in the motion, which they felt was "incendiary and divisive".

Cllr Arjun Mittra, who put forward the amendment, said: "This was exactly the type of nasty dog-whistle politics used by Zac Goldsmith. The term 'enemy of the people' is deeply historically loaded, and it's use ought to be condemned.

"Cllr Longstaff's comments were deeply irresponsible and unacceptable, especially in a council meeting. Not least as he is the chair of the committee responsible for public safety and community relations."

Cllr Mittra added that Cllr Longstaff questioned his ability to speak English in his initial presentation, and said words in his sum up which Cllr Mittra construed as "a clear threat of violence."

Labour also believes the idea that Mayor Sadiq Khan being an enemy of the people is unfair when, in their opinion, his decisions were "to protect Uber customers, the Northern Line upgrade and demand more affordable housing from two planning applications."

Mill Hill Liberal Democrats also put forward their views on the motion, which they say is "wholly unacceptable" and brings the council into disrepute.

A spokesperson from the group said: "While we do not agree with Mayor Khan’s decision to reduce significantly the proposed number of parking spaces and not provide adequate public transport to the development at the former National Institute for Medical Rsearche site on the Ridgeway in Mill Hill, the Conservative Group’s decision to title its motion against the Mayor as this is a grotesque attempt to cheapen what should have been a serious debate on the appropriateness of the London Plan for outer London areas like Mill Hill.

"This sort of language used by the Conservative group belongs in the past along with Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany, not in today’s London."

The motion was passed with 32 votes for and 30 against, while the amendment was voted down with the 30 votes for and 32 against.

Cllr Richard Cornelius, leader of the council and of the Conservative group, said: "The only thing which sadly brought the council into disrepute that evening was Labour councillor Arjun Mittra describing Cllr Longstaff’s motion as "the cheap theatrics of a failed actor."

"I happen to like Cllr Mittra, so I hope he will refrain from making personal attacks on members’ professional lives in future. Perhaps Mill Hill Liberal Democrats will encourage him in this?"