One of Finchley Central's newest haunts is certainly the place to be if you're feeling peckish for some delicious chicken (and who isn't?)

The Chicken Society has been a firm favourite of revellers since it opened earlier this year, but now it has taken another step into diners' good books by launching its new finger lickin' favourite - Southern Fried chicken.

On entering the restaurant I was immediately stuck by the size; its inviting booths seems to curve round corners for miles, yet the soft lighting a fun, rustic furnishings made the place feel comfy and cosy. A perfect combination when you are about to eat your weight in chicken.

We ordered boneless chicken bits for our starter, with a deliciously sweet and spicy Korean BBQ sauce coating, as well as some twisted ciabatta sticks with garlic. These were out, unfortunately, but the staff leapt to our aid with some toasted pittas to make sure we did not go without our carbs. The sauce was oily and garlic, but required quite the stir to get the fullness of the flavour out.

Then, onto the mains. My friend ordered the quarter Southern Fried chicken, which arrives with breast and leg, while I went for one of the specials: spit roast duck. Of course we didn't hold back on the side dishes, ordering sweet potato and normal fries with some greenery to make us feel the tiniest bit virtuous.

My friend's Southern Fried chicken was divine. The coating was incredibly crispy and crunchy, with just the right amount of spice. He had been warned that the batter was pretty hot and spicy, but when it arrived it didn't overpower the juicy, succulent chicken that it encased. The chicken was tender and utterly delectable, everything one might want from a piece of Southern Fried delight.

The duck was, unfortunately, a little dry. It had a delicious sweet rub on the outside, so the sections closest to the skin and the leg were juicy and meaty in flavour. But the breast did let it down slightly, but all was well as I could wash it down with a swig of peppery Karma Kola.

The side dishes did their work in making us both unbelievably full, with absolutely no room for one of the restaurant's signature brownies, though I could still fit in a thick milkshake made from Oreo biscuits. It was creamy and chocolatey with some added texture in the Oreo crunch - the perfect finale for a lovely meal.

All in all, we had a great night out in some wonderful surroundings, and I would recommend everyone get in on the new addition to their menu. It's truly something special.