The worst thing about dinner at The Sugar Mill is deciding what to choose.

My other half and I could not decide how to make the best of their starters, small plates, sliders, burgers and mains.

He suggested sharing a starter and a slider to begin, and then having a main each, but with seven mini burgers to choose from I didn’t want my pickings to be any slimmer than three.

In the end we both had a starter, he had a main and I had the sliders. Of course we had desserts too, three in fact, but I’ll get to that.

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I began with the grilled halloumi with roasted peppers, hummus and flatbread (£6.95). It was delicious and a very health serving. My partner chose the Sweet chilli prawns with pineapple served with garlic cheese bread (£4.95). Again, a very generous serving. The flavours were wonderful and with complimentary contrasts between the sweetness and the garlic.

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For my three mini burger sliders I chose spicy lamb and mint yoghurt, beef and blue cheese and sweet potato and mushroom (£9.95 for two and £12.95 for three).

The lamb was perfectly cooked and of course it is a classic combination, but could do with a little more mint yoghurt. The beef was a little overdone for me, but I have to admit I like my meat very rare, however slathered in blue cheese it was easily overlooked.

Finally my vegetarian option, which was my hardest decision, I ended up taking out of the bread because the crispy patty oozed out of the middle and I didn’t want to lose any of the glorious moisture to the bread.

Other options included breaded chicken, grilled chicken, tiger prawn, battered fish, lentil and chickpea and veggie delight.

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My other half chose the pan seared bass with potato hash brown with vegetable ratatouille (£10.95). The fish was cooked perfectly, perhaps some of the best either of us have had, however the simple hash brown below it could have been a little more creatively concocted than your usual breakfast offering.

As he ate fish and I ate meat we went for a light red, the cabernet sauvignon, which, after a little time to breath, was the perfect accompaniment to both.

After a short break we turned to the dessert menu, something many people visit for alone. With an offering of American pancakes or waffles with endless toppings, a set menu of classic and signature desserts and sundaes to choose from, we decided to indulge shameless and chose three to share.

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We had the American style pancakes (£4.95 for two toppings, £5.95 for three) which were, as warned, very thick and a little denser than you might expect. We both loved it. On top we chose white chocolate, fresh berries caramelised banana with salted caramel on the side. The whole thing was spectacularly sumptuous and we cooed through eating.

We also had the mystery chocolate bomb (£12.95). You are given hot chocolate sauce to pour over a solid chocolate sphere which melts away to reveal the fillings.

You could call this dessert ‘insta-famous’, as accounts all over the country post videos of this hugely popular food craze and it lived up to my expectations.

Finally, we chose the Ferrero Rocher & Nutella Sundae (£6.95). Which is made up of ferrero ice cream topped with broken ferrero pieces, nutella and home-whipped chantilly cream. As you can imagine it was overwhelmingly rich, making me think that we had been, perhaps, a little too greedy.

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Finally finished and with uncomfortably full stomachs we rolled home trying to choose our favourite item from the restaurant, but we couldn’t.

As well as the wonderful food the staff were attentive and, unsurprisingly, encouraging with regards to our gluttony. The venue itself is not the fanciest spot around, but the service and spectacular food make up for it.

Located alongside the London Designer Outlet in Wembley, it is the perfect place for a simple sugar fix mid-spree or an enormous refuelling post-shop.

Sugar Mill, 3 Lakeside Way, Wembley, HA9 0BU. Details: 0203 330 0236