Imagine spending your life's savings on some recording sessions, in the hope your dreams of playing rock 'n' roll will come to fruition?

Enter Golders Green-based The Tomicks, who put it all on the line to make it big and have just released their first EP, with plans to tour the UK from March after attempting the world record for the longest gig of all time in February.

Their story begins, as many do, with a romance, when 18 year-old Debs Marx and Tom Cridland met at the University of Bristol.

Tom says: "We were in the same halls and also on the same course. I started attending lectures in my first term because I found out she was in class my class. It’s now been eight years!"

Cut to 2014, when 23-year-old Debs and Tom take out a start-up loan of £6,000 to start a sustainable fashion brand Tom Cridland, which gave them the opportunity the dress Daniel Craig and Leonardo DiCaprio in its early days.

"As we found out more about the fashion industry, we became increasingly appalled at the excessive amount of consumption and waste that is so prevalent and actively encourage by fast fashion retailers," he says.

Their 30 collection, which guarantees garments will be repaired for 30 years, really made the brand take off, and the twosome were able to save up for a house. However their success also bought them an intoduction with Elton John's longstanding drummer, Nigel Olsson, who inspired Tom to write and play music.

The duo became more interested in music until, in 2015, they met Nick Whitehead at one of Nigel's gigs, and he quickly became Tom's writing partner and the final piece of The Tomicks puzzle. Their next stop was LA, to record and play for Simply Red guitarist Kenji Suzuki, which meant Debs and Tom were reaching deep into their pockets to pay their way.

"I think we just felt like, if we don’t do it now, we may never get the chance to do so again," says Tom.

"We won’t be able to make decisions like this if we’ve got a mortgage or school fees to pay. I will never regret investing in The Tomicks, as playing music is my biggest passion in life."

Tom doesn't have a favourite in his two career paths, but for him the old rock 'n' roll sounds of the Beach Boys, Tom Petty, the Beatles and Elton John have inspired them to make great music.

"I am extremely privileged to be able to do what I do for a living.

"It does require a lot of energy, so I’ve given up alcohol over the last couple of months and that’s really helped, despite not being very rock n’ roll!"

The Tomicks' first EP is out on Spotify and Apple Music now and more information on their shows is available at