The year kicked off with the heartwarming story of a mother in her 70s who moved into a co-living scheme with other older women.

Janet Wood was a council tenant in North Finchley for 47 years and found herself becoming increasingly isolated as her neighbours moved away.

She moved to New Ground, an older women's co-housing scheme in High Barnet, to start a new way of life in communal living.

Janet said: “What is so special about this place is we don’t look after each other, we look out for each other.

"I’ve got the best of both worlds, a lovely new flat with privacy but where there’s social activity like a communal meal once a week.

"It’s something very special to become a part of since as this is the first older women’s co-housing group."

Even when the scheme is full, reserve members are recruited so they are prepared if a space becomes available.