Holocaust survivors visited cadets from a military academy for a special memorial day ceremony.

Cadets at the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst welcomed Holocaust survivors from Jewish Care's Holocaust survivor's centre in Hendon for a special ceremony ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day.

Five members of the centre lit candles of remembrance with cadets to remember the millions of people murdered during the Holocaust, ahead of the annual Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27.

Addressing the cadets was Zigi Shipper, who was deported as a child to Auschwitz-Birkenau and then sent to work at Stutthof concentration camp.

He said: "If I live 1000 years I will never understand how they did what they did to so many millions of people.

"But you must never, never hate, if you do you'll hate everybody, including yourself and you'll have no life.

"I can never thank the British Army enough for what they did for me at the time of liberation and for all of us. They saved my life and I'm very proud to be British."

The ceremony also included a filmed testimony from a survivor of the genocide in Bosnia, poetry about the genocides in Rwanda and Cambodia, and information from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, who organised the event.