Rabbis were in "mourning" in April after their scrolls, worth £40,000 were stolen.

Detectives from Barnet Police investigated after the scrolls were burgled from a house in Ashbourne Grove, Barnet.

Rabbis Larry and Dr Jackie Rabick, who housed the scrolls, said: "Their real value is symbolic, and deeply

spiritual. Every religious Jew, no matter their persuasion, reveres the Torah scrolls and the words and teachings they contain.

"A community that has lost its Torah scrolls has lost its heart, and it is a cause for mourning, almost as if a much-loved relative and friend had died.

"With their disappearance, part of our history has been lost."

However, this story had a happy ending, when the scrolls were found in the bushes near Bentley Heath Cricket Club, and were picked up by Herts Police.

PC Louise Bates of Barnet Police, said: "It is fantastic that these scrolls have been found and returned to their owners, but our efforts to try and find the person who carried out the burglary continue."