A heroic seven-year-old saved an elderly neighbour in July, after she heard him calling for help.

Amelie Epstein Bowman, seven, was visiting her grandparents in Lynton Mead, Whetstone, when she heard their elderly Reg Davey, 94, calling for help in his back garden.

Mr Davey had been outside for three hours when he was finally heard, and was fortunately uninjured.

Suzanne Epstein, Amelie's proud mother, said: "Reg was a hero in the Second World War and was a decorated gunner in a Lancaster jet.

"He has pictures up in his home with medals being received from Prince Charles and framed certificates from George VI. Now my daughter Amelie is his hero!"

The family helped him into a chair jndoors before calling the paramedics.

Mr Davey visited the family the following day to give them chocolates, a voucher and flowers as at token of his gratitude.