To finish off the year, a story about a man who will soon be hearing wedding bells after taking relationship advice from one of his idols to heart.

Ray Tigwell, 40, a lifelong Elvis fan, met Priscilla Presley at a concert at The O2 arena, where she gave him some life advice that got him 'all shook up'.

He said: "On meeting Priscilla she was lovely - she spoke to us and looked at a photo of my children.

"She asked my partner, Melanie, if we were married and she replied ‘No, I’ve not been asked yet,’ so Priscilla told me off in a joking way and said I have to marry this women next year as we have four kids.

"I told her I will marry her next year now you’ve told me to! So we will be getting married next year."

The couple of 18 years are now arranging to tie the knot at Graceland in 2018, with their eldest daughter, Presley, and three other children in tow.