A school has been awarded accreditation for their services to autistic people.

Kisharon School was awarded the autism accreditation from the National Autistic Society, recognising the support and development of services for autistic people.

The NAS found that although only a quarter of Kisharon's pupils are autistic, the school has committed to developing specialist approaches to supporting these pupils.

Their report stated: "Staff interact with each autistic pupil in ways that reinforce a sense of self-worth, dignity and self-esteem.

"Staff know when to stand back and give a pupil time and space for emotional self-regulation or to encourage their independence."

The report also commended the school for promoting its Jewish values and culture whilst recognising the need to differentiate what is taught so it has meaning and value to each pupil.

Headteacher Sora Kopfstein said: "Being awarded autism accreditation for the work that we do is a testament to our commitment to and understanding of the needs of our pupils with autism.

"To be recognised by the National Autistic Society is extremely encouraging for all of our staff, parents and students and to also be the first Jewish organisation to be accredited demonstrates that we are offering some of the best autism specific services in the Jewish community."