Barnet has seen a 7.7 per cent rise in the price of houses over 2017, according to new statistics.

House prices in Barnet saw an increase of 7.7 per cent compared to the national average of 2.7 per cent, bringing the average house price up to £584,049 over 2017.

This is equal to a rise of £41,697 in house prices across the borough.

The statistics, released by Halifax, show Cheltenham has seen the biggest hike in prices of any major UK town or city, with a rate of 13 per cent, compared to 11.4 per cent in Brighton and 11.7 per cent in Bournemouth.

Halifax managing director Russell Galley said: "A number of towns and cities have recorded significant rises in house prices over the past year, with all of the top 20 performers recording growth of at least double the national average.

"Unlike last year, the top performers are not exclusive to London and the South East, with the top spot now belonging to Cheltenham in the South West, and towns in East Anglia, East Midlands, North West, Wales and Yorkshire and the Humber also making the list."

In contrast to the rise in housing nationally. 13 towns recorded drops in housing prices, with the largest fall in Perth, Scotland.

Mr Galley added: "The majority of towns in which house prices have dropped in the last year are situated within Scotland or Yorkshire and the Humber."

Barnet was named 15th in the top 20 towns and cities for the highest increase in house prices, while neighbouring borough was named 17th in the top 20 with the lowest growth in house prices, at 0.6 per cent.