A five-time exhibitor at the Highgate Gallery is set to return in his newest exhibition, featuring works inspired by philosophy, memory and theatre.

Philip Diggle's latest set of works utilise methods and inspiration from memory theatre, which was a way to develop memory used in the classical period, all the way up to the Renaissance. Those familiar with the recent TV series Sherlock will recognise the idea of a 'mind palace', which is a similar method to find a way to map and connect your memories in order to trace them.

But Diggle's 'mind palace' is by no means as well ordered or neat as one might think: thickly layered red and black oil painting smother surfaces to encase and create his memories in a truly tangible way.

Creation and deconstruction of his previous Highgate Gallery show exists in the new show, where heads which featured have been recycled and moved into the memory theatre as symbols of persistence in the elusiveness of memory.

The whole exhibition is three dimensional and tactile in the way his paint is thick and full of bold red and black statements, but his works in brown show the metaphorical battle of survival, as he calls out 'I'm still here' as opposed to 'I'm alive!' in his red works.

Diggle not only turns his inspiration into astonishing artwork, but teaches art classes where he shows pupils how to respond practically to the influences surrounding them, whether they come from poetry, nature or politics.

Philip Diggle: “I see a red door and I want it painted black." opens from February 2-15 at Highgate Gallery. Information can be found on www.hlsi.net