A gang member who attacked police after they tried to arrest him has been banned from the borough.

Takyle Clarke admitted to violent disorder and knife possession, and was given a three-year criminal behaviour order (CBO) and two-year suspended sentenced at Harrow Crown Court on Friday after he resisted arrest and attacked officers.

On November 1, 2017, officers from the gangs unit stopped Clarke on the Grahame Park estate as he was wanted for failing to attend court.

Clarke punched an officer, as well as stamping on an officer's head.

The conditions of his CBO, which were issued at Isleworth Crown Court on January 15, include that he must not enter the borough of Barnet except to make contact with his mother, aunt or grandmother.

He is also ordered not to make contact with the following individuals: Abraham Sossongo, Christel Ngoie, Olusegun Shobanjo, George Fraser, Michael Foster, Jamal Connock Brown, Rahim Connock Brown, Harry Cheek, Luke Giles, Bailey Giles, Lewis Pett, Prince Dwomoh, and Adam Jaylani.

Finally, Clarke is not allowed to own or possess a mobile phone not registered in his name, own or posses more than one mobile phone and one SIM card at a time, congregate in a public place in a group of two or more in a manner which may cause a person to fear for their safety, or be in possession of any blade, including those smaller than three inches in length.

After Twitter users took to social media to respond to the sentencing. @MPSBarnet tweeted: "We share your anger and frustration re. lenient sentence. To assault a police officer, prison officer, other emergency service worker is to attack society itself and should NEVER be accepted as ‘part of the job’. #ProtectTheProtectors"