Vivid colour and the bright exploration of new textures and shapes are the focus of a new exhibition, open only until next week.

The new exhibition from Mill Hill artist Corinne Natel, Conversations in Colour, explores the way bright colour, when in conversation with other elements of her artworks, can open viewers up to new ideas and create something never before seen.

For her, this was not just an exhibition, but an investigation into a new way of doing things.

Corinne says: "The exhibition evolved from the developments of my work, driven from a colour perspective.

"I wanted to investigate further the relationship colour has with form, space and texture, and also the relationships between colours themselves and what colours form from that."

Her influences from abstract expressionism also take precedence in her works, which are bold and bright and uncompromising. But not only is Corinne experimenting with colours, but also with how resin will create and inform new colour waves throughout her work.

"Working with resin, colours can merge and evolve into something new, with me defining the initial concept and control and then letting go and seeing where the resin will take it," she says.

"The results are vibrant, energetic forms of bold colours."

Corinne is inspired by myriad influences, including landscapes, nature, cities, travel, fashion and media, and creates in mixed media, which means many of her works allude to another world and develop a life of their own.

'Conversations in Colour' will be open weedkays at 10 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7JD, until January 24.