A resident has recalled his memories of watching football at Underhill as its demolition begins.

Hugh Godwin, of Barnet, recalled his first time walking into Underhill Stadium, the former home of Barnet FC.

He said: "My brother watched the Barnet team of Colin ‘Paddy’ Powell in the early 1970s and I first walked in, aged 12, to see an FA Cup match featuring Jimmy Greaves in 1978.

"Indelible recollections from the 35 years that followed include the great Nicky Evans lashing in his first Barnet goals in a 10-0 win over Trowbridge, and the most hilarious goal I ever saw: Stuart Atkins hacking the ball through the mud at the bottom end against Enfield, in the happy days when we had proper local derbies.

"The slope of the pitch was easily Underhill’s most famous feature, although I only really appreciated it when I had the good fortune to play on it for the Barnet supporters’ team.

"Several generations of football fans are in mourning for the old place now, but the memories will remain."

The stadium acted as the home to Barnet FC from 1907 until 2013, when the team moved to Harrow.