A public inquiry will launch after a developer appealed two refusals of its plan to regenerate North London Business Park.

Comer Homes has appealed to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to overturn two refusals of its plan to regenerate North London Business Park in Whetstone.

The plans include 1,350 homes to be built on the site, some of which will be built in blocks of eight or nine storeys, as well as a five form secondary school, a gym, open space and improvements to transport.

A group of residents in the area, the Weirdale Ashbourne Residents (WAR) have opposed the site since its inception for a number of reasons, mainly that an access road for emergency services runs through their development.

WAR spokesman Martin Berliner said: "The fact that Comer Homes have appealed to the Secretary of State with the same plan that has been rejected so often by all concerned shows a degree of arrogance that has been in place throughout this battle.

"Had they listened to residents or Barnet Council or the Mayor of London they would have realised by now that this plan won’t work, no one except the developers want sky scrapers in their suburban back gardens.

"We have said all along that we accept the site should be developed but with care and compassion to the landscape and the residents. This plan does not do that and never did."

Mr Berliner added the group will use all their resources to block the appeal.

Labour councillor candidate Clement Magoba, who lives across the road from the proposed scheme, said: "I live locally, and know this scheme is going to be a huge problem for local people.

"We have been working with Cllr Kathy Levine to improve pedestrian safety as there is already traffic congestion on Brunswick Park road by North London Business Park during peak hours of the morning and afternoon and this problem will get worse, given the lack of transport infrastructure or local shopping options."

Comer Homes has been approached for a comment.