TV talent shows are flooded with teenagers trying to make it big in the music industry. But for Natalie Shay, New Southgate's 19-year-old rising star, working hard and putting the time and energy into honing her craft is second nature.

A graduate of the prestigious BRIT School, Natalie hopes her newest single, This Feeling, will take her to new heights (she has already won the Mayor's Gigs competition twice and been mentioned in The Guardian) and help her career take off.

When did you first realise you wanted to pursue music?

I've always played music and enjoyed it. I suppose I decided I wanted to pursue music as a career after getting accepted into the BRIT school at 14, which gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed.

How did you feel when you got in, knowing how many legends have come from there?

It felt amazing. It's such an amazing place full of talented and interesting people and it's special knowing you're part of that. It's really influenced my growth.

Which bands and artists have influence you?

Kate Nash. The Vaccines. Little Comets. I'm also quite into musicals.

How do you approach your songwriting?

If I feel inspired to write a song, the topic and theme come quite naturally. I usually write the song section by section, completely melody music and lyrics for each section as I go.

You’ve won quite a few awards so far in your career – how has it felt to have your music recognised?

It's that sort of recognition that gives me the confidence I need to have in myself to pursue a career in this industry. It's a tough industry to go into.

Where would you most like to play in the world?

I would love to play the main stage at Reading Festival. Or Prima Vera Sound Festival in Spain.

What do you think stands out about your music and style compared to other artists/bands?

The genre I am in is very male-dominated, so I’m inspired by other female artists and band leaders in my genre. I suppose that already makes us stand out, and also not many indie rock bands/artists are lead by acoustic guitar.

As a younger artist, how has it felt to work with people like Pete Dowsett (of The Vaccines)?

I'm always very grateful to work with people who have such a long history of success and experience. Working with people like Pete is one of my favourite parts of what I do.

What’s currently on your iPod?

The new Vaccines tracks. The new George Ezra track. Sundara karma. Fickle friends. Everything Everything.

Anything you’d like to add?

If you like my new track, This Feeling, check out the music video on my YouTube channel!

Visit to listen to her new track and see the music video.