An initiative has been launched to enable synagogues to become more environmentally sustainable.

More than 150 people from 20 synagogues across all denominations of Judaism came together at New North London Synagogue to launch the new Eco Synagogue initiative.

The initiative operates through an online survey to assess the synagogues' activities, including looking at how energy efficient their buildings are and how they tend the land they care for.

Early adopting synagogues have applied for food waste recycling, reviewed their energy sources and switched to renewable energy providers, created green travel plans and established a regular series of farmers markets to promote organic and sustainable produce.

NNLS Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg said: "The environment affects all of us.

"Sacrifice is needed and we as a community need to change our ways."

The initiative was created with support from the Eco Church, which was set up in 2016.

Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, helped set up the Eco Church and was on hand to launch the Eco Synagogue.