Campaigners took to the streets to collect postcards in protest of Brexit.

The Barnet Green Party-led event, with help from some Barnet Labour councillors, aimed to send postcards signed by members of the public to various local MPs, to ask them to support a ratification referendum.

This referendum would be to give the people a vote in the final deal with the EU, with an option to remain in the EU if the deal does not suit the people.

Adele Ward, the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Finchley and Golders Green, said: "I'm glad to see the Number 10 Vigil bringing their campaign to Barnet and hope it raises awareness that Brexit isn't a done deal and we could have a ratification referendum with the option to stay in the EU.

"It was a great event, bringing fun to a very serious and urgent subject."

Extra to the Green Party, Barnet Labour councillor Adam Langleben attended and, according to Ms Ward, offered to send the anti-Brexit postcards to MPs.

Ms Ward continued: "We need Jeremy Corbyn to offer opposition by changing his stance at least on staying in the customs union and the support of Barnet Labour Councillors could help achieve that."

The event was certainly not a quiet one, despite the rainy weather, as singer Bernadette and campaigner Diane Datson took to the mic to sing songs and gather support from passers-by.