When considering a piece of art on a gallery wall, there are various aspects that begin to turn something inanimate to life.

For Julia Noble’s work her paintings are defined by their materiality, process and colour.

She is an artist drawn to works where the puzzle is to work out how they were made, to consider where things are not as they seem, and to try and establish the processes that have been employed in creating the final piece.

And in her own works, she tries to engage in the viewer’s senses and create an aesthetic experience through the physical component of her paintings, more than just the visuals, all of which draw upon her experience and desires and works.

Julia’s most recent exhibition, named “It’s just a kind of friendly relationship…”, is based on comments from abstract American painter Robert Rauschenberg, who was working throughout the 20th century.

In his comments Rauschenberg describes how the wet paint would run into lots of other things with his works, which creates the friendly relationship with the materials.

He also remarks: “And even though chance deals with the unexpected and unplanned it still has to be organised before it can exist,” which has become the cornerstone of Julia’s working processes.

She says: “I seek to challenge the viewer with my complex system of production which results in kaleidoscopic rhythmic images.

“The starting point for many of my creations stems from elements of earlier works transforming them into something new using repeating forms, processes and colour to provide different perspectives.

“My creations are instinctive, how they end up is determined by the processes and the colours that are used. I want them to be unashamedly joyful and uplifting full of curiosity and optimism.”

Julia is also a fan of incorporating stitch as a drawing method, making unconventional marks to disrupt the form and texture of the surface.

Julia Noble’s exhibition “It’s just a kind of friendly relationship…” will open at Highgate Gallery from March 9-22.