Teaching children about the environment, and the importance of protecting it can be rather tricky, especially when it comes to how to look after our smallest insects.

Me and My Bee, which had an incredibly successful run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year, attempts to do just that. The story incorporates a number of theatrical methods, like clowning, live music, audience interaction, to engage children from the age of seven about how best to protect their environment.

The family show focuses on the disappearance of bees, but also looks into the ecosystem and climate change, inviting children to save the world - one bee at a time.

ThisEgg, the company founded by young women in 2010, want the audience to join their political party, which is disguised as a regular party, disguised as a show, while questioning what can be done to help the environment before it's too late.

There are party games, a bee dance, wing-beating competition and light comedy which buzzes through a complex subject with a light touch, helping adults and young people alike to learn about cause and effect: how their actions affect the ecosystem and how they should care for smaller things and respect their planet.

Me and My Bee takes place at the artsdepot on Saturday, 7 April, from 5pm.