There's nothing like a tasty steak dinner after the long, hard daily grind of the 9-5.

And the newly opened Miller and Carter Steakhouse on the Stirling Corner roundabout in Barnet has proudly perfected that meal, elevating it to a new level of deliciousness.

The decor in the restaurant is incredibly inviting: with red, comfortable chairs, black leather booths and rich mahogany finishes, the bistro exudes indulgence before you've even tasted the food.

The menu is varied, but not overly extensive, though with that said I found it nigh on impossible to choose between the mouthwatering selection of dishes.

For starters, there are options for meat-lovers who wish to prepare their stomachs for a delectable steak main course, or those who wish to enter lightly into their dining experience.

We ordered the "cluck and duck" wings, and the scallops on fried potatoes and tomato relish.

Needless to say, we fought over the portions as both starters were utterly divine.

The wings were coated in a chilli-hoisin glaze and sesame seeds, and came with a speciality ranch dressing for dipping. They were incredibly meaty and succulent, and the glaze was sticky and sweet and perfect to set you up for a main course.

The scallops were perfectly cooked, sweet yet salty, with the accompaniments only elevating their delicate flavour.

Now, for the main event.

The helpful staff were happy to talk through the different cuts and types, and each steak came with a recommended cooking time so novice meat-lovers could learn from the pros.

We opted for the chateaubriand, a large hunk of meat with parsley butter which is shared between two or more (though, let's be honest, sharing in a pair means more food for each!)

It was cooked medium rare, as recommended, and cutting it was like slicing through butter.

It was seared in such a way that added a crispness to the outer edge, and the inside was juicy and delicious.

All the steaks are accompanied by a choice of chips, lettuce wedge with a sauce of your choice, a sauce of your choice, and grilled tomato and onion bread.

Choice is certainly an important element of the dining experience at Miller and Carter and we were very happy to try dive in and explore different sauces.

The onion bread deserves an honourable mention because, though nothing can beat the steak, this was absolutely incredible, especially when dipped into the beef dripping sauce, which I would definitely recommend.

It is important to mention also that there are burgers, vegetarian options and other meat dishes including chicken and pork, for those who don't fancy a steak (though, in a steakhouse, why wouldn't you?)

Desserts were varied again, but not too heavy after such a main course.

There was sticky toffee pudding, creme brulee and a cheeseboard among the dishes, but we were evidently in a sharing mood and opted for the indulgent sharing board.

This came with a mini creme brulee, mini chocolate pot, mini lemon posset on a biscuit base and ice cream with homemade biscuits.

And there were strawberries to add a bit of, well, health.

Of course, each item was delicious, creamy, sweet, indulgent and utterly fabulous. My favourite had to be the creme brulee, which was intensely vanilla-y and creamy, while the lemon posset with a dash of fruity sauce did the trick for my guest.

All in all, this is an absolute triumph of a steakhouse and, as it's on the way home for many, who can say no?