A fraudster who made thousands selling football tickets he didn't have has been jailed.

Hussayn Hirani, 24, of Eagle Drive, Colindale, admitted to 28 counts of fraud by false representation at Harrow Crown Court on Thursday (March 1) and has been jailed for two years and 11 months.

During August 2016 and October 2017, Hirani would take images of real football tickets posted by others online, and advertise to sell them.

Victims would be asked to to make a payment into bank accounts belong to friends and associates of Hirani, then cash would be withdrawn to hand back to him.

No tickets were ever sent to buyers.

Though Hirani was originally charged with only three counts, a lengthy investigation by the Mets FALCON unit and Action Fraud uncovered 26 further charges.

Officer also found Hirani has sold fake Wimbledon and concert tickets, and defrauded more than £9,000 over the course of 14 months.

Detective Constable Paul Allgood from FALCON said: "This was a lengthy and complex investigation, involving dozens of victims. Hirani betrayed the trust of all of these people and made a living out of lying. He arranged for the profit he made from these crimes to go into the bank accounts of his friends and associates in order to distance himself from the offending.

"FALCON and Action Fraud worked in a close partnership to bring Hirani to justice. I would strongly discourage members of the public from allowing anyone to access or use their bank accounts.

"You should never disclose personal bank details unless for a legitimate purpose, to an authorised individual or organisation. I would also encourage the public to take extra care when purchasing goods through social media."

Hirani was sentenced for 25 months, but had been previous arrested and charged for the same offence in June 2016 and June 2017, being given a suspended sentence both times.

Her Honourable Judge Dean reviewed Hirani's previous offending and added an additional 10 months to his sentence, equalling 35 months' imprisonment overall.

One charge of fraud by false representation was discontinued in court.

For more information about preventing fraud visit www.met.police.uk/advice-and-information/fraud/personal-fraud