A primary school has opened its new fitness trail in its playground.

Hasmonean Primary School installed tyre wings, balance beams and monkey bars in its 23 metre fitness trail to encourage pupils to play together during their break time.

The equipment is specially designed so that dyspraxic, autistic and hypermobile pupils can use the trail to improve their strength and coordination along with other pupils, and the project was possible after the school won a £25,000 community award from financial services company OneFamily in November 2016.

School governor Britt Jacobs said: "Before the fitness trail was installed there was limited equipment that the children could use, meaning some pupils were left to play on their own.

"Now we see children of all ages and abilities playing together and it’s fantastic."

On the fitness trail, a smaller climbing frame, which can be used by younger children, and a giant activity board, where pupils can play games such as chess and snakes and ladders, have also been installed.