The council’s "neglect" has left ten dirty fridges on a street amidst a spike in crime and fly tipping, says an opposition spokesman.

Lib Dem Candidate for Mill Hill, Roger Tichborne, has attacked the Tory held Council over the current state of the roads in Mill Hill.

Mr Tichborne said: “The last eighteen months have seen a marked deterioration in the roads in Mill Hill with many becoming dangerous to pedestrians and vehicles.”

“This week nearly ten dirty fridges were dumped on Goodwyn Avenue.

"We’ve had a spate of smashed windows in the Broadway and seen a spike in violent crimes in Mill Hill."

People on social media have also come forward to talk about the state of the roads in Barnet.

Many are concerned about litter and junk on the streets, such as shower doors being left on the pavement and furniture being dumped.

Labour’s Environment spokesperson, Councillor Alan Schneiderman said: “The Conservatives have been running Barnet Council for 16 years, and they have just not done enough to tackle environmental crimes, including fly tipping.”

“There are around 10,000 fly tips across the borough every year, costing the council £500,000 to clear.”

Chairman of the Environment Committee, Conservative Councillor Dean Cohen said, “As ever, this is all talk from opposition councillors. Neither Labour nor the Lib Dems made any mention of roads and footways in their alternative budgets.”

“This is unsurprising given the unprecedented amount this administration is spending on our roads and footways.”

“£50 million over five years.”

“Combined with our investment in more efficient machinery for repairing potholes, this will be vital in quickly repairing the inevitable damage done in the recent heavy snowstorms.”