It's a quirky, little-known hobby.

But now a group of woodturners are opening their doors to newcomers and are inviting anyone to take a spin on their equipment.

The North London Woodturners club meet in the Arkley Village Hall, having moved from Muswell Hill to be closer to their members.

Not all members have worked with wood before, so some took on the role of mentor, coaching people on their lathes, a device which can spin a piece of wood to a 1000Rpm and how to use their tools to quickly peel the wood away to reveal bowls or cups.

It is open to people of all ages and sexes.

David Gerrard, 81, an architect from Elstree, said: “It keeps you active, some here are professionals others do it as a hobby, I just love it so much.”

“I always had been handy with wood, and I met a friend at a wedding and he told me he was a wood turner and I thought fantastic, someone here taught me, gave me the training and now I got a workshop in my shed.

“You got to do stuff, keep active.”

Chairman Jeff Hyams, 75, from Edgware, joined the club in 2009 and became chairman in 2012.

Mr Hyams said: “I got into wood turning when I went on holiday with some pals and they got me a magazine about wood working for my 65th birthday.”

“I always liked to play around with wood but I saw what woodturning was and got on a course, then I bought a lathe.”

“We’re looking for members and we are happy to teach you.”