A new campaign against racism and to educate children in schools about fighting back against hate crime has been been making ground in schools.

Since a letter calling for people to ‘punish a Muslim’ was spread across the country, Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination, (Stand Up!) an anti-racism organisation, has been going to schools across Barnet to teach young people how to act about discrimination and racism.

Stand Up!, is government funded and led by Streetwise and supported by TellMAMA, Kick It Out and Galop. Since its launch in January 2017 it has delivered free sessions to over 7,000 young people in 35 schools to date.

Stand Up! Manager, Nathan Servi, said: “Educating young people on issues of discrimination and hate crime has never felt more important and relevant than in the last few weeks; with the viral anti-Muslim leaflet impacting on so many young people, we believe it is essential to teach how to recognise, challenge and avoid discrimination."

Copthall School, a girls' secondary school in Mill Hill, was visited by Stand Up! to speak about the ‘Punish A Muslim Day’ letter, that called for violence on April 3.

Copthall School student, Saira, 16, said: “On hearing about the ‘Punish A Muslim Day’ letter from my parents, I was completely lost for words.”

“The fact that there are actually people out there who despise Muslims enough to create a day that rewards their hatred breaks my heart.”

“This ‘Punish A Muslim Day’ letter is an act of discrimination, extreme racism and is a threat to the Muslim community.”