Neighbours are being kept awake by cars passing through potholes causing their homes to "shake" - but the council has refused to do anything about it.

Heidi Park, of Church Hill Road, East Barnet, says the situation is at breaking point.

She was horrified when Barnet Council said the holes were "not big enough" even though they are wearing the road down to the concrete.

The 46-year-old said: “It’s been ongoing for a while. They get filled and then re appear. This dates back to 2011. The repair wasn’t fixed correctly.

“At 1am in the morning I can’t sleep. There are two huge holes in the road outside my house. Every bus, lorry or van that hits them causes my house to vibrate substantially.

“I’ve been onto the council, as this has been an ongoing problem. They’ve never fixed these holes properly, so they keep coming back.

“At night it’s at its worst because they speed along here and hit the holes.

“I’ve put in a complaint but as with Barnet Council, you cannot contact them via phone.

"This is why my elderly neighbour cannot contact them. She’s just as worried as me.”

Labour Councillor Laurie Williams who represents the ward has said that he has received numerous calls from residents who are having difficulty reporting to the council.

He said: “I have been a councillor for four years and I have probably around a 1000 instances of people complaining about potholes, bins and waste.

“As a councillor I can get in touch with departments in charge but the residents should be able to report it as well.

“People don’t get to report their problems to the council because they can’t seem to get through to the right department.”

Cllr Williams suggested that the roads are having difficulty being maintained because of the low council taxes.

He said: “The council have not spent any money on the roads because they have not raised council tax, they can’t have the best of both worlds.”

A Barnet Council spokesperson said: “We are aware that the recent spell of particularly cold and wet weather has resulted in a spike in the number of potholes being reported by residents.”

“Our Teams are out working hard to carry out repairs across the borough and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience being caused to motorists and residents.”

“We would ask that residents please make us aware of potholes by reporting them to us online.”

Residents can report any environmental problems, including potholes, by reporting them at: