Barnet’s Conservative group has launched its local election campaign with plans to keep weekly bin collections and ensure council tax remains low.

The pledge to keep the weekly bin collection takes centre stage in the party’s election manifesto amid claims that neighbouring boroughs’ moves to fortnightly collections have led to increased vermin and litter.

It will reassure residents following claims from Liberal Democrats that the Conservatives were “duping” the public with their bin collection pledge.

On crime, the Conservative group says it will pressure the Labour mayor of London for more police officers in the borough.

The Tories have also promised to preserve Barnet’s character by protecting the green belt and opposing plans to increase housing density while continuing to build new homes.

It follows claims that mayor of London Sadiq Khan wants to tackle the housing crisis by building new homes in back gardens – accusations that were dismissed as “scaremongering” by City Hall.

The Conservative group has pledged to continue investment in schools, hospitals and roads; to replace the pools at Copthall; and to build a new leisure centre in New Barnet.

On transport, the Conservatives have promised to invest more money in street cleaning and road maintenance, including pothole repair.

Launching the manifesto in Barnet on Saturday (April 7), housing secretary Sajid Javid said: “There has been a stark contrast between local services provided by the Conservatives and Labour over the last four years.

“Conservative Barnet has built over 6,600 more new homes than any of its Labour neighbours. Conservative Barnet has kept all 14 libraries open; Labour Brent has closed half of theirs.

“Conservative Barnet has kept weekly bin collections; neighbouring Labour boroughs have moved to fortnightly collections. Conservative Barnet has reduced Council Tax bills by £97 in real terms; Labour would have added almost £200.

“The choice on May 3 is between an efficient and innovative Conservative Council and a Labour Party which will always make you pay more for less. Vote Conservative on May 3.”

Cllr Richard Cornelius, leader of Barnet Council, said: “Labour’s mayor takes more from Barnet taxpayers than any other borough but gives us the fewest police officers per head in return.

“And Barnet Labour’s manifesto would give him an extra half a million raided from the reserves. This is irresponsible and short-sighted.

“A vote for Barnet Conservatives would send a strong message that you want the police officers you’ve already paid for.

“Labour’s mayor has turned the Metropolitan Police’s three-year run of ‘Good’ efficiency ratings by the Inspectorate of Constabulary to ‘Requires Improvement’ in just one year of being mayor. This is simply not good enough. Londoners, and Barnet taxpayers, deserve better.”

Barnet’s Labour group launched its manifesto last month, pledging to recruit extra police officers and build hundreds more council houses.