Seeing a skeleton and mummies on a museum trip gave children a fresh perspective on Jewish history.

Hasmonean High School, in Holders Hill Rd, Barnet, organised a trip to the British Museum for students to learn about the story of the Jews in Egypt as they interpreted a range of ancient sources.

Students from Year eight and seven led by their teacher Mrs Abecasis learned about the stories behind the Purim and Pesach.

Mrs Abecasis said: “This was an opportunity for students to experience the Purim and Pesach story from a fresh perspective.

“Seeing artefacts from that time and place enhanced their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Torah narrative.”

The trip included the sight of a tiled wall that may have once been home to Queen Esther, the Jewish wife to a Persian king in the Purim story.

Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people, who were to be killed in the ancient Persian Empire.

The students said: “It was very interesting to see the statues and link them to Jewish History

“We really enjoyed the skeleton and the mummies.

“It showed us the reality of the Pesach story”