A Barnet councillor who was deselected by the Conservative Party has suggested residents should vote Labour in the upcoming council elections.

Cllr Sury Khatri made the remarks last night (May 19) in an astonishing farewell speech to the Audit Committee that took aim at the Tory Party, outsourcing firm Capita, and the council’s deputy leader, Dan Thomas.

It was the first time he had spoken out since his deselection in March amid allegations of a right-wing coup in Barnet Council’s Conservative group.

Cllr Khatri said the citizens of Hale “will have a significant upgrade in the quality of their representation if they vote for the Labour candidate” in the council election on May 3.

He was then cut short by the chairman of the audit committee, Hugh Rayner, who is one of the current Conservative councillors for the Hale ward.

But Cllr Khatri added: “I hope the residents deliver the right result on May 3 – the Conservatives losing control.”

Cllr Khatri, who has represented the Mill Hill ward since 2010, pointed the finger at the council’s deputy leader, Dan Thomas, as the person responsible for his deselection.

He said: “As Cllr Dan Thomas lays the ground for his right-wing and hard Brexit-based leadership coup, he only wants yes men in the Conservative group.”

Cllr Khatri blamed Cllr Thomas, who is chair of the Assets, Regeneration and Growth committee, for “the disaster we have seen with bin collections” and “the disastrous management of the move from the Mill Hill depot to the Abbots depot”.

He was particularly critical of Capita, the firm that has provided a large number of the council’s services since 2013, and has come under fire for a range of alleged failures affecting services from pension administration to IT.

Cllr Khatri said: “My time at the council has been overshadowed by the disastrous Capita contract that is falling apart at the seams. Four years on, issues still keep rolling out of the woodwork. This contract represents poor value for money, and the residents are being fleeced.

“The contracts are a shambles, and a disaster, and performing badly; and council tax-payers are being fleeced by Capita.”

Cllr Khatri added: “Astonishing, isn’t it, that after eight years of serving the community, with not a blemish on my record, and more than a decade serving the party, amounted to zero. I have had residents contacting me expressing shock and disgust.

“[I have had] a Conservative councillor, telling me, among other things, that when joining the Conservative Party, it was not this party – a nasty party.”

Cllr Dan Thomas, deputy leader of the council, commented: “Mr Khatri only has himself to blame for his de-selection, which was decided by a democratic process.

“I believe he lost the support of party members because of an ill-tempered style, not attending many Conservative Party events and the fact that he delayed a new town square being built in his own ward.‎

“To suggest Mr Khatri’s views on two council contracts was the reason for his downfall is absurd. The contracts were signed several years ago and council tax bills are £156 lower as a result.

“His opposition is water under the bridge. Our three Hale candidates have been working hard for years, unlike Hale’s Labour councillor who has only attended six council meetings in the last year.”

A Capita spokesperson said: “The partnership between Capita and Barnet Council is performing as expected in many areas. We continue to work closely with the council to make service enhancements as required.”

A Barnet Council spokesperson commented: “In a contract of this nature, it is vitally important that we are open about how the contract is performing, and that we address any issues as they arise, as well as holding the contractor to account.

"The contract has delivered savings and is performing in many areas. Where this is not the case, we take appropriate action."