An Indian tapas restaurant has been named as one of the "healthiest" curries in London.

Bonoo, in Finchley Road, Childs Hill, won the title at the London Curry Awards on April 30.

The restaurant has only been open for 18 months and is owned by Roxana Maani and Oaz Maani.

Their speciality has been to make healthy substitutes to the ingredients of traditional Indian dishes.

Roxana said: “We’re absolutely delighted about the award.

“We’ve only been open for 18 months, yet we ended up winning out of the ten finalists in our category.

"Our food is how we like to cook it at home so we have combined Spanish and Indian food to make tapas.

"We use food like broccoli and sweet potato instead of more heavy calorie foods.

"We hope this might catch on now because people have asked how you can make a curry which is high in vitamins and low in calories.

"We're very happy with the award."