A UK home builder is celebrating the opening of a communal garden with an afternoon tea.

Brook Valley Gardens in Chipping Barnet is a suburban development on the former Dollis Valley estate by developer Countryside.

The event will celebrate the green space's official opening.

Andrew Loveday, director at Countryside said: “The communal garden is a fantastic focal point for the community to enjoy.

"We look forward to celebrating its opening with an afternoon tea party for the whole family.

“Easily accessible from the centre of London, Brook Valley Gardens is an oasis.

"Offering green open spaces, a village feel and great community spirit.

"The area is blossoming into a fantastic place for young families and those looking to downsize.”

The Dollis Valley Estate was built in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

They suffered from many of the problems associated with post-war estates - quick and cheap to build.

Estates like Dollis Valley, according to David Cameron in 2016, 'entrenched poverty'.

Barnet Council have therefore listed the area to be part of its regeneration program, using Countryside to build a new estate.

According to the developers it will be a 'modern garden suburb', providing over 600 high quality new homes, of which they say 230 will be affordable.