A video with a message about the plight of isolated youngsters has been released by a charity.

Barnet students and Exposure, a youth communications charity, have released of ‘Message to Sweet Pea’, a short film about loneliness.

Funded by John Lyon’s Charity, Exposure worked with students from Barnet & Southgate College, The Compton School and Woodhouse College in North Finchley to develop the film.

The film explores the role social media plays, as well as the increasing pressures young people are under, trying to meet what many feel are society’s impossible demands.

Exposure journalist Arjan Arenas, 17, said: “You’d be forgiven for thinking that the elderly are the only group severely afflicted by loneliness.

"But sadly, it’s the young who feel it most."

According to a recent research by the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, nearly half of young people in the UK often feel lonely.

This compares to only a quarter of over 65s.

Project manager and producer Fran O’Connell said: “The young people were amazing, full of ideas, energy, and a passion to get their voices heard.

"We’re really pleased with the finished product.

"We hope the film will raise awareness and get more people thinking about how we tackle youth loneliness.”

To see the video visit:http://exposure.org.uk/2018/05/new-film-addressing-youth-loneliness-released/