A school which opened four years ago has thankedits vicar as he leaves for a new church.

The service was a goodbye to St Mary's and St John's CE School's current vicar Fr Damien Mason and see him 'installed' at St Mary Brookfield's church.

A teacher and choir member, Calvin Robinson said: "The service was beautiful and it was genuinely an honour and a privilege for us to have been invited.

"Witnessing and participating in the installation of a new vicar is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a lot of our students.

"It's experiences like these that will help reinforce our values as a Church of England school."

A new choir, the school was only opened four years ago, and this was the first time that the choir had sung to such a large crowd.

Mr Robinson added: "We sing every week in church but not usually to such big crowds.

"It was a very fulfilling experience to get the chance to worship with such a large congregation.

"People who have come together with the express purpose of celebrating the installation of our fantastic priest."

Fr Damien said: "Thank you, I thought the choir was very good.

"They certainly brought a bit of life to the church."