Floating car clubs are to be rolled out in Barnet after residents gave their backing to the proposals.

Almost three quarters of respondents (71 per cent) to a consultation on the scheme, which is aimed at increasing access to cars and easing congestion, were in favour of their use in the borough.

Unlike traditional car clubs, in which vehicles are returned to the same bay after use, floating car clubs enable vehicles to be left at a different location at the end of their journey in resident and shared use bays.

In addition, more than half (58.5 per cent) of all respondents said they were either very likely or quite likely to use floating car clubs.

Officials believe the initiative could cut congestion and increase the number of available parking spaces, as almost half of respondents who owned cars said they would either reduce the number of cars in their household or not make a planned purchase of a car if the clubs were introduced.

Car clubs can also have environmental benefits, improving air quality and cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

However, some residents expressed concerns that the scheme could increase congestion, while others thought the scheme would only have a limited appeal.

The consultation revealed floating car clubs attracted particularly strong support from young people, although over 55s were also supportive of the idea.

In addition, they had the backing of all respondents with a disability.

The council will begin the roll-out of the clubs during the summer.