Pupils with disabilities and learning difficulties attended a city wide sports event.

Students from Goldbeaters School in Thirleby Road, Edgware, enjoyed an "awesome" experience as they competed in a London-wide sporting competition at the Copper Box Arena in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Pupil Mollie Neil, nine, said: "I loved it, times a trillion. I’m going to put my medal with the one from last year.

"It’s an amazing experience – you’re nervous and excited and you want to win, but when you’re here you forget all that and just enjoy it.

“You feel like you’re part of something and you feel that no matter whether you win or lose, you have someone to back you up."

With a range of disabilities and learning difficulties such as ADHD, cerebral palsy and autism, the pupils battled through to the finals coming sixth place.

Teacher Hugh Wilkinson said: "The children that are selected to compete are those who may not necessary get to compete in some of our other activities so it gives them a great opportunity and a real platform to grow, develop and progress.

"The whole experience of the day, travelling to the Copper Box and getting to compete here is just mind-blowing.

“We just feel fortunate to be here."